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Okay ladies, who doesn’t like getting their makeup and hair done?? How about some makeup tips?!
If that’s you then keep on reading 😉 Below is Part 1 of my interview with Cynthia of Cmorbeauty whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with many times. Enjoy & stay tuned for Part 2!

Interview with Cmorbeauty, Make-up Artist:


Do you have a signature style? If so, what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
I would say that my signature style would have to be clean, natural, perfectly blended eyeshadow with an emphasis on perfect eyeliner.  What sets me apart from other makeup artist is my attention to detail and always listening to my clients  so that I can give them the look that they want not what I think they should have. Of course, I will always give my professional opinion but at the end of the day I want the client to feel comfortable and happy when they look at themselves in the mirror.
Who are some people who have inspired you throughout your career?
People who have inspired me throughout my career are the everyday woman, and many celebrity makeup artists such as the late Kevyn Aucoin.  When I started doing makeup I bought all of his books to learn some of his makeup tricks that he did on his celebrity clients. He definitely was a master at his craft. Now with Instagram, youtube and facebook there are so many amazing makeup artist around the world sharing different makeup looks and the products they love to use, this is not only and inspiration for me but it keeps me and other artist up on current makeup trends.
Why professional makeup? I often have girls say that they can do their own makeup and it looks just fine, why should they hire a professional instead?
Many women nowadays are savvier when it comes to makeup but what they do for their everyday makeup routine is not always enough for a photo-shoot. Always keep in mind what looks good to the human eye does not always look good on camera. Have you ever taken a picture and asked yourself “Why does my face look so white? “Why do I look so shiny?” or “Wow I look like I have no makeup on or I have too much makeup on!” Most of the time women are not wearing the correct foundation for flash photography and even more of the time they are not wearing the right color foundation. Also, there are many tricks that makeup artist know that the average woman does not. For example, contouring and highlighting correctly to make your face bone structure stand out correctly and that’s just one example but there so much more.

Coming up on Part 2 of the interview:
Do’s & Don’ts plus what’s in her makeup bag!! 

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