About Andy

Hello, my name is Andy and I believe in fairy tales...

Andy The Beginning

So much of my childhood was spent day dreaming, infatuated by the beautiful and obsessed with fairy tales. I wanted to find love & beauty in everything, in everyone.

Until finally one day, I found a way. I lifted it towards my eyes, I looked through and saw so many possibilities, and it was amazing all that was in front of me. Although this beauty was always there, I was 15 the first time I really noticed. It was a way to focus on all the beautiful things in life. It's when I first picked up a camera and knew I'd never want to put it down. Photography was my first love.

Just a few years later I met him, my little prince. Beyond the beauty and love I found in photography, something new awaited. Better than all the daydreams I had imagined and moments I had captured, this was truly magical. My son Christian was born, my own little piece of heaven.

There's a passion and a dream in my heart that yearns for love. To capture it, hold it and make it forever.

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Andy The Person

Behind the lens, I'm usually a very quiet person. Not because I'm shy but because I'm most likely day dreaming! An introvert, always in my thoughts, going over all the things I love...

Spending time with family & friends.
Enjoying our beautiful Miami weather!
Daydreaming, night thinking
Reading. Whatever my son reads ;)
Shopping. Wherever, Whenever, Always!

And last but certainly not least:
My son, he is my own fairy tale. He motivates me daily to believe in love, in the good of people & in the future altogether...God's true blessing.

BFA in Photography, Barry University
Minor in Business, Barry University
AS in Graphic & Web Design, Miami Dade College
PPA Member, Professional Photographers of America
CPP, Certified Professional Photographer

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