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Black bridesmaid dresses

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Simplicity, a Timeless Trend

Let’s be honest, these days Social Media has opened many windows into endless possibilities of what your wedding day could look like. From a bride’s dress to the groom’s socks. From getting married at a church to having your ceremony underwater! The options and trends are overwhelming. So fast forward a few decades when you look back and reminisce on your wedding day. Will you still think matching bridal party tattoos was a good idea??

If you prefer to keep things elegant and timeless, then there’s one easy way to do it. Keeping it simple. A couple of my personal favorite Timeless Trends:

Hair Loose: Forget the intricate braid that crosses over into a fishtail to the side, underneath the pearl trimmed veil & simply let your beautiful hair flow down with soft waves.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses: Why go crazy looking for that blue tinted magenta fading into Amethyst purple with gold sparkles when you can opt for the classic black bridesmaid dress. It’s elegant and chic. (Bonus: your bridesmaids will love you for this! *wink)

So on that note I say, don’t allow the many trends to overwhelm you. Instead, focus on the simple & most important thing of all…you have found your Forever Love!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo DaVinci

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